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2018/19 School year 

 Accepting registration for 2018/19!

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Supervisor/Educator –  Miss. Rae

Educator –  Toddler Class – Miss. Amanda 

Educator –  Junior Preschool  Class – Ms. Jenn

Educator – Junior Preschool Class – Miss. Alex

Educator – Senior Preschool Class – Ms. Mimi (Monique)

Educator – Senior Preschool Class – Miss. Serena



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St David's Nursery School in Welland, Ontario Welcome to St. David’s Cooperative Nursery School! We have been offering quality educational pre-school programs to children in the Welland area for over 55 years. Originally developed by the parents of St. David’s Anglican Church, our program grew and evolved and was eventually opened to all members of the community. Today, we are no longer affiliated with any religious organization and welcome all families regardless of their culture, beliefs or religious affiliation. Our programs are designed to provide children with the skills necessary to successfully transition into kindergarten with two, three and five day toddler and pre-school classes. Our focus is on the concept of the whole child, emphasizing each child’s social, physical and mental development.

  • Social: Each child learns to interact within his own age group and with children younger than them self. They learn to share, enjoy cooperative play and to explore. They will learn how to form and foster relationships, to make friends and how to function independently.
  • Mental: Each child learns about concepts (small/large, over/under, much/little). We focus on the development of language – teaching our children about words, sounds, the alphabet, colours, shapes and numbers. They learn about themselves, the world they live in, how their bodies work and most importantly, “who they are”.
  • Physical: At St. David’s, we understand how important physical development is. Our programs are designed to emphasize the development of both gross and fine motor skills. Our children learn how to skip and jump, about rhythm and creative movement. We also focus on the fine motor skills required for kindergarten programs. Our children learn to use scissors, paint, paste, color and do puzzles.

Most importantly we focus on fun. We encourage our children by providing a wide variety of age appropriate toys and activities both indoors and outdoors. We welcome all children and look forward to meeting our new students every year.

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Thank you Sponsors!

St. David’s Cooperative Nursery School is a registered charity and in part depends on the support of our generous sponsors, both corporate and private. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our sponsors for their donations:

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