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Our Programs

Pre-School Class – Junior Class And Senior Class

You must be as least 2.5 years of age to enroll in our Pre-school class.  Everyday consists of Outdoor playtime, snack and classroom time.  Outdoor playtime is moved indoors to the hall during inclement weather.  Outdoor playtime is in our fenced play area, complete with sandbox, basketball hoop, Tonka trucks, Little Tykes playhouse and much more!  Our class room is where our kids sing songs, have show and tell, learn their letters and numbers and where our monthly Music class takes place.  Also in the large classroom is where the imagination happens, this is where they can read books, do a daily craft, piece a wooden puzzle together or build a tower to the stars with our wooden blocks.  We also have computers and iPads, all for the kids.  They are limited to how much time is spent on them and all the apps and programs we use are educational only.  The Junior class and Senior class each have their own classrooms, with the same kinds of learning environments in each, with regular rotations of materials so that everyone gets a chance to experience all that we have to offer!

Toddler Class 

You must be as least 18 months of age to enroll in our Toddler class.  Our toddler class is an adapted version of our pre-school class which will consist of Outdoor play, circle time, classroom time and snack.  All crafts and activities are age appropriate for our smallest of students!

DPS Testing

Our teachers do testing on your little ones to make sure they reach all the milestones they should at their young age.  If their are any concerns we can put in referrals to get the proper support needed for your little one.  In some instances we can have a one on one Educational Assistant to help get your little one to the milestones they should be at.


With our school being a co-op, each parent is a member and can serve on our board of directors.  One of the parents is required to do a duty day once a month.  You would come in on your day assigned by our duty coordinator and help out with our daily routine.  You are required to have a police check to help out.  If you are unable to do duty days that is fine, Grandmas and Grandpas are more then welcome to assist as well!  If you can not find someone in the family you can get another parent in the school to switch or fill in for you.


Our classes  are 2, 3 and 5 days a week.  You can enroll in as many days as you wish, our 2 day runs on Thursdays and Friday, 3 day is Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and of course the 5 day is Monday to Friday.  Classes run from 9:00 to 12:00 and when enrollment allows we run an afternoon 12:30 to 3:30 class.


Prices per month

Pre-School Classes 2.5-5 yrs

2 day – $121

3 day – $180

5 day – $270


Toddler Classes 1.5-2.5 yrs

2 day – $139

3 day – $208

5 day – $330


Parent Handbook 2018/2019

2017-18 Parent Handbook


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