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Police Check

Because St. David’s Nursery School is a co-op, you are required to volunteer your time periodically to help with duty days and class trips.  For the protection of our children, all those that will be working/volunteering directly with them are required to have a police check.  Only the parent or grandparent that will be volunteering is required to have the police check completed.


You will be directed to the Niagara Regional Police website to process your police check.  Make sure you select a Vulnerable Sector check for a volunteer.  It will cost a total of $24.95 to process your application online.  You will be asked a series of questions to verify your identity, if you fail to accurately answer your questions you will need to obtain a paper form from St. David’s Nursery School and file in person at the Police Station located at 68 Church St in St. Catharines.


Please make sure you read the instructions carefully when navigating through the process.  It should take approximately 20 business days to process the request and once you receive it in the mail, please hand it in to the office at St David’s.


Click here to process your police check.

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